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We adapt the insulated tub to any plastic tub of pharmaceutical distribution


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The insulated tub of pharmaceutical distribution allows to transport in complete safety thermosensitives products during 24 hours, as well the summer as the winter with an adequate eutectic load. It has minimal life cycle of 5 years.


  • The upper cradle in the shape of bowl prevents every risk of flow of humidity generated by coolers on products to be transported.

  • He allows to adapt the eutectic load according to the periods of the year (winter, spring / autumn, summer).

  • He allows to position in a specify way the sources of refrigeration and to have the certainty that these latter do not move during the transport.

  • He allows to avoid any contact between thermosensitives products and sources of refrigeration.
  • The transparent upper cradle allows to avoid returns of medicine not taken in pharmacy, because all the products are then very visible.

EUTECTIC LOADS (Winter/ Spring-Autumn / Summer):

Eutectic load - Winter / Spring, Autumn / Summer


Its particular shape allows :
  • To embed it in the plastic tubs of pharmaceutical distribution.
  • To fit them some into the others to limit the volumes of vacuous storage.
  • To adapt itself to any plastic tub of handling

His design allows to obtain high results raised in terms of protection of sensitive products by :
  • The use of a high density polyurethane with closed cells foam which the conductivity is the lowest existing isolation materials on the market.

  • The external & internal liner in metallized ISOPRO® which reinforces the low conductivity of the polyurethane and especially adds an internal and external reflection by its metallization. It allows to reflect outside calories and radiance, and inside the cold.

  • The tight lid which reduces at the most the risks of thermal bridges on the periphery of the opening.
Use of the insulated tub for pharmaceutical distribution


  • Realized from a skin in ISOPRO® silvered 2 faces, injected with a 40/45 kg m3 high density polyurethane foam with closed cells.

  • L’ISOPRO® is an closed cells extruded insulated foam with a density of 35 kg/m3.

  • Composound with a mono-injected tank avoiding the risks of thermal bridges, and a lid with cork returning for a maximal sealing.


Validation Report of the insulated tub for pharmaceutical distribution - CEMAFROID
Download the complete validation report of our insulated tub by the CEMAFROID

Download the product sheet in PDF format

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