• Expeditions of medicines and clinical trials (phamaceutical repartition and hospital central pharmacy) by express mail. 

  • Transfert of medicines between the hospital centralpharmacy and services.

  • Transferts of units blood wetween services, from hemovigilance centers.


  • Standard Size: 20 x 31 cm / 33 x 26 cm / 33 x 39 cm / 33 x 28 cm / 35 x 36 cm
  • On-mesure Size: Contact us for the minimal quantities of production.


  • Validated 14h by the CEMAGREF with 400g "Positive Cold" eutectic packs (see below)
  • Validated 8h in summer cycle (external ambiant temperature)

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  • 2 faces metallized ISOPRO® foam with closed cells. 

  • External Reflexion of radiations and calories

  • Internal reflexion of cold (or lack of calories) provided by the  double face metalization : allows to the ISOPRO® to be, with 3 m/m of thickness, as effectives as 24 m/m of polystyrene

  • Conductivity Coefficient of the ISOPRO® (Lambda): 0,027
ISOPRO® insulated pouchISOPRO® insulated pouch + unit blood


  • To the closure, the pouch comes to flatten itself on products and eutectics chasing away the maximum of air inside the pouch and improving de facto, the preservation of the cold chain.

  • Sealing provided with a paw of 95 m/m closing the pouch on double fold "chicane" which prevents thermal bridges when both sides of the cover are folded.

  • Maintaining by 2 sets of Velcro coupons, allowing the reusing of this pouch for a shuttle in use.

  • To a single use, the closure is made by adhesive strip.

  • A square base is formed at the opening.

ISOPRO® cooling pouch + eutectic pack + medicines

Examples of validation curves from our ISOPRO® insulated pouch - Cooled use

ISOPRO® Cooling Pouch Temperature Chart - Cooled use

Type of test : Protection of syringe boxes cooled at +3°C / +4°C submitted to a constant ambient temperature +20°C.
Result of the test : 2 hours of protection (temperatures maintained between +2°C & +8°C) in our ISOPRO® insulated pouch + two 400 cc  "positive cold" eutectic packs cooled +3°C / +4°C.

Examples of validation curves from our ISOPRO® insulated pouch -  Freezed use and stabilized 30 minutes - CEMAFROID VALIDATION

Comparison CEMAGREF of 2 cooling pouches - pouch" X" and pouch "MEDICOLD"

Type of test (realized by the CEMAGREF):

Comparison of the durations of protection of pharmaceutical products between +2°C & +8°C, between an ISOPRO® insulated pouch and a "X" insulated pouch. The two pouches contain a 400cc cooled pack and were subjected(submitted) at an ambiant temperature average of +21,8°C.

Result of the test :

The "X" pouch (red curve) has reached the maximum allowed limit temperature of +8°C after 10h48. The ISOPRO® insulated pouch (blue curve) allowed to maintain the pharmaceutical product in a lower temperature of +8°C during 14h54, whether a différence of 4h06 compared with "X" pouch.

Download the complete report of validation from the CEMAGREF by clicking here

ISOPRO® cooling pouch temperature chart - Freezed use

Type of test : Protection of a 5ML bulb subjected at an constant ambiant temperature of +29°C.
Result of the test :  more than 7 hours of protection (temperatures maintained between +2°C & +8°C) in our ISOPRO® insulated pouch + one 400 CC "positive cold" eutectic pack .


  • Internal separator : prevents condensation emitted from refrigerants come wet product boxes.
  • Document holder positioned on the back (A4 format or 180 x 130 m/m) for the support of the prescriptions or the accompanying documents.


ApplicationsFormat (largeur x hauteur)Quantité minimale
Hospital central pharmacy 200 x 310 m/m for the delivery from one to three small products1 carton box whether 75 pouches
330 x 260 m/m for the delivery in quantity1 carton box whether 75 pouches
330 x 390 m/m for the long or voluminous products1 carton box whether 50 pouches
Hemovigilence service and units blood transfert 330 x 280 m/m for the transferts from 1 to 3 units1 carton box whether 75 pouches
350 x 360 m/m for the transferts up to 5 units1 carton box whether 50 pouches

It is also possible to adapt our insulated pouches to your needs by realizing in semi-custom-made product : the width of the insulated pouch stays that of the standard insulated pouch and the height is the one that you choose. (Contact us for the minimal quantities of production).

Download the product sheet in PDF format

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