Our colling sachets consist of an eutectic liquid particularly adapted to the protection of thermosensitives products.


Cells size :
10 x 15 cm / 10 x 19 cm / 15 x 19 cm / 13 x 30 cm / 19 x 30 cm / 38 x 30 cm

Cooling cover.

The cooling cover maybe realized in length of your choice, from the existing cells mentioned above. The maximal width is 40 cms.

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The colling sachets consist of an eutectic liquid particularly adapted to the protection of thermosensitives products.

They are realized in PA / PE lower film of thickness 140microns above and 200microns below.

The PA/PE  complex (complexed polyamide polyethylene) is one of most resistants :

  • to the perforation : when the ice forms
  • to the tears : if cooling sachets fall on the ground when they are are frozen.

Cooling covers consist of one of the standard cells assembled in rosary. Bags can be personalized by printing.


Eutectiquc liquid "0°" Special Agro => Restitution plate of -1/-2°C

Intended for the protection of transformed foodstuffs 

  • Neutal pH water
  • Polyacrylamide superabsorbent (non-toxic)
  • Coloring matter (food quality)

Eutectiquc liquid "Positive Cold" => Restitution plate of +0,3°C

Intended for the protection of alive foodstuffs

  • Water with neutral pH
  • Aluminium sulphate (food grade)
  • Carboxy-methyle cellulose (food grade)
  • Coloring matter (Qualité Alimentaire)

*This eutectic gel is non-toxic and presents no risk for the human and the animals in case of indigestion


The configurations of the eutectic loads are to be adapted following:

  • The nature of the product (unit density,global weight, product...)
  • The type of insulated packaging 
  • The type of ambient temperature
  • The desired duration of protection 
  • The mode of transport


The printing is possible on 1 face from 1 to 4 colors "line". To contact us for the minimums of productions.

Printed cooling sachet - STURIA


Size of cell
(width x length)
Maximum number of cellsWeight by cellThickness
9,5 cm x 15 cm1 to 4 cellus150 to 200g25 to 30 mm
19 x 15 cm1 or 2 cells400 to 600g35 mm
19 x 10 cm1 or 2 cells350g35 mm
30 x 12,7 cm1 cell500 to 750g
33 x 10 cm1 cell400 to 600g
19 x 30 cm1 or 2 cells800g to1kg
38 x 30 cm1 cell1,6 to 2kg25 mm
Cooling Sachet "Special Agro" Cooling Cover "special Agro"

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