SPECIAL AGRO COOLING PACKS : Restitution plate at -1°C/-2°C


Insulated protection of transformed foodstuffs.


400 CC / 750 CC / 950 CC

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Our cooling packs consist of an Eutectic liquid which the restitution plate in solid phase is of -1 /-2°C, particularly adapted to the protection of foodstuffs.

Their role is to protect your thermosensitives products by absorbing calories on approximately 20 cms upright with one of the angle of 30°, and approximately 5 cms in the horizontal on its periphery.

For an optimal use, it is advised to freeze at heart the pack at -18 °C. The duration of load of packs depends on the capacity of freezing by 24 hours of your freezer. We advise to space out your packs to reduce the time of freezing.

The range consists of cooling packs 400 cc, 750 cc, et 950cc.

We set up a traceability of our cooling packs by the engraving of the date of production of hulls and printing of the date of filling.

All our packs can be personalized by engraving from 10 000 packs.

Functioning of "Special Agro" cooling packs


Composition* :

  • Water with neutral pH 
  • Polyacrylamide superabsorbent (non-toxic)
  • Coloring matter (food grade)

Hull :

High density Polyethylene (PEHD), Which no contains heavy metals and meets the requirements current European directives

* This eutectic gel is non-toxic and presents no risk for the Human or the animals in case of indigestion




400 CC175 x 91 x 30 m/mCarton box of  36 packs2 304 packs
750 CC201 x 108 x 40 m/mCarton box of  24 packs1 080 packs
950 CC201 x 135 x 40 m/mCarton box of  15 packs735 packs

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