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  • Standard Size: 20 x 31 cm / 33 x 26 cm / 33 x 39 cm / 33 x 28 cm / 35 x 36 cm
  • On-mesure Size: Contact us for the minimal quantities of production.


Up to 18h of protection

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  • 2 faces metallized ISOPRO® foam with closed cells. 

  • External Reflexion of radiations and calories

  • Internal reflexion of cold (or lack of calories) provided by the  double face metalization : allows to the ISOPRO® to be, with 3 m/m of thickness, as effectives as 24 m/m of polystyrene

  • Conductivity Coefficient of the ISOPRO® (Lambda): 0,027
ISOPRO® insulated pouches


  • To the closure, the pouch comes to flatten itself on products and eutectics chasing away the maximum of air inside the pouch and improving de facto, the preservation of the cold chain.

  • Sealing provided with a paw of 95 m/m closing the pouch on double fold "chicane" which prevents thermal bridges when both sides of the cover are folded.

  • Maintaining by 2 sets of Velcro coupons, allowing the reusing of this pouch for a shuttle in use.

  • To a single use, the closure is made by adhesive strip.

  • A square base is formed at the opening.


  • Internal separator : prevents condensation emitted from refrigerants come wet product boxes.
  • Document holder positioned on the back (A4 format or 180 x 130 m/m) for the support of the prescriptions or the accompanying documents.


Size (width x height)Minimal quantity
200 x 310 m/m 1 carton box whether 75 pouches
330 x 260 m/m 1 carton box whether 75 pouches
330 x 390 m/m 1 carton box whether 50 pouches
330 x 280 m/m 1 carton box whether 75 pouches
350 x 360 m/m 1 carton box whether 50 pouches

It is also possible to adapt our insulated pouches to your needs by realizing in semi-custom-made product : the width of the insulated pouch stays that of the standard insulated pouch and the height is the one that you choose. (Contact us for the minimal quantities of production).

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