Small-sized foodstuffs: chocolate, foie gras, caviar, fresh products


  • Standard Size: 13,5 x 21 cm & 30 x 40 cm with double side gel / 17 x 18 cm with simple side gel
  • On-mesure Size: Contact us for the minimal quantities of production


From 2 to 5h according to the mass produces to protect and from the mode of use (cooled gel or frozen gel)

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  • The insulated CRYOMED pouch is realized from an insulated ISOBAG pouch but with an eutectic gel integrated between the foam and the internal lining.

  • This insulated pouch allows to protect thermosensitives products during their transport between the point of sale and the place of residence of the customer

  • This cold pouch permits to avoid thermal shocks and clipping the temperature rise of the thermosensitive products.


The print is realized in High Definition Flexographie up to 8 colours "line" or "four-colour process". This technic permits us to print our CRYOMED pouches 

in frame 152 whether 60 lines per cmavec with as mush finesse than Offset paper. 

Generally, the print on plastic is realized with frames 100 or 120 whether 48 lines per cm² in maximum, what brings a pixellisation of frames and gradationsce.

The CRYOMED pouch stays a great tool of communication, sustainable over the time.

Personnalized CRYOMED insulated Pouch - Syberia - CaviarNeutral CRYOMED insulated Pouch


  • External in metalized polyester under vacuum

  • Central core in closed cells polyethylen foam 
  • Inner lining in white polyethylen food grade
  • Eutectic gel integrated between the insulated foam and the internal lining on :
    • single side for the use of the gel under cooled or frozen shape 
    • double sides for the use of the gel exclusivyt under cooled shape (permits to eliminate the freezing of eutectics).

Composition of the CRYOMED insulated Pouch


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  • Standard formats : 13,5 x 21 cm & 30 x 40 cm with double side gel / 17 x 18 cm with one side gel, available from stock.

  • On-mesure formats workable from 13,5 x 21 cm to 35 x 45 cm maximum. Contact us to define the minimal quantities of production.
  • Personalized: contact us to define the minimal quantities of production.


The CRYOMED insulated Pouches are recyclable

With our CRYOMED pouch, the recyclability is possible by incineration (the polyester & the polyethylen realising no toxic gases when they burn). It permits to reduce the energy consumption during the destruction of household waste. Plastics mixed with household waste increase the temperature of incineration and accelerating de destruction process, which generates energy savings.

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