ADP Conseil - MEDICOLD Team - Cold Chain Experts

With an experience of more than 20 years in the cold chain, we conceive since 1991 the insulated packagings adapted to the needs for the human and animal health for the medical and hospitable environment, the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary companies. Since 2007, we use our expertise of the cold chain to conceive also insulated packagings adapted to the needs for the agroalimentary logistics, and quite particularly for the e-business.

We are today, a reliable partner for your needs regarding conditioning of thermosensitives products.

Our ranges of solutions will guarantee you an absolute and safe protection for the scales of next durations:

  1. from 30 minutes to 2 hours 
  2. up to 24 hours 
  3. up to 144 hours 

Convinced that every situation is a particular case which authorizes no approximation, we shall never impose you of " quite made " solutions. Quite the opposite, we shall study beforehand with you the precise problem which you have to face and we shall propose you the answer the most adapted to your need, respecting literally your specifications while optimizing the cost at the most.


All our solutions lean on components which we conceived and realized ourselves. Our engineering consulting firm finalized innovative and successful products, thanks to our perfect knowledge of the technologies which we apply.
Each of our products was validated by the competent bodies to accredit us. The biggest care is brought in the manufacturing and our controls are extremely rigorous to assure us that the desired properties are actually reached. Several of our solutions were the object of patents.