. ... from the point of sale to the place of residence of the customer (Convenience stores, brands) :

  • ISOBAG Insulated Pouch - Food-Industry Application
  • This insulated pouch permits to protect small-sized products during their transport between the point of sale and the customer home.
  • CRYOMED insulated pouch - Food-industry Application
  • CRYOMED insulated pouches are made from ISOBAG pouches, but with an eutectic gel integrated between the foam and internal lining.
  • Neutral or Printed Insulated Bag - Food-industry Application
  • Protection of thermosensitives products from the point of sale to the place of residence of the customer (food, cosmetics...). Brands communication support.

. ... From 24 hours to 144 hours (Shipping, Export, E-commerce) :

  • ISOPRO® insulated pouch - Food-industry Application
  • ISOPRO® insulated pouches permit the sending of samples or unitarian thermosensitives products in Express mail for a protection duration up to 18 hours.
  • ISOPRO® insulated liner - Food-Industry Application
  • Transform a simple carton box in an insulated packaging with the ISOPRO® insulated liner. Certificated ISTA 3A and normed AFNOR NF-S 99-700. It is reusable from 5 to 8 times.
  • Insulated Tub Special Agroalimentairy - Food-indutry Application
  • The isothermal tub allows to transport in complete safety thermosensitives products for 24 hours, as well the summer as the winter with an adequate eutectic load
  • Single Use Insulated Box - Food-Industry Application
  • In the Food-Industry Processing, the ingle use insulated box is very practical for the expedition of fresh products and especially in E-commerce. Protection from 24 to 144 hours.
  • Insulated Pallet Box - Food-industry Application
  • Adjustable on height, the insulated pallet box permits to transport thermosensitives products in important volume.

. Our coolers adapted to the various requirements of the food-processing industry

  • "Positive Cold" eutectics packs - Food-industry Application
  • The "Positive Cold" cooling packs have a +0,3°C restitution plate. They permit to protect alive products (Oysters, shellfish, shells, spiny lobsters...)
  • "Cold 0°C" cooling packs - Food-industry Application
  • The "Cold 0°C" cooling packs have a -1°C / -2°C restitution plate. They permit to protect transformed foodstuffs (meat, cheese, chocolate, prepared meals).
  • Cooling Sachet / Cover - Food-industry Application
  • Cooling sachets and covers permit to protect fresh or frozen products. Resist to perforations and tears.

. Cold Chain Control of your products

  • USB VIGIKEY Data Logger
  • Small, simple, powerful, this data-logger allows to make its own auto-validation by controling products temperatures