. ... from the delivering place to the place of residence of the patient.

  • ISOBAG insulated pouches - health application
  • This insulated pouches permits to protect thermosensitives products during their transport between the delivering place and the patient home.
  • CRYOMED Insulated Pouch - Health Application
  • CRYOMED insulated pouches are made from ISOBAG pouches, but with an eutectic gel integrated between the foam and internal lining.
  • Neutral or Printed Insulated Bag - Health Application
  • Protection of thermosensitives products during their routing up to the place of residence of the patient or on the scene the injection of the veterinary products. / Communication tool for institutional advertisings.

. ... from the site of production / storage to the delivery place :

  • Pochette Bulles-Métal - Application Sanitaire
  • The bubbles-metal insulated pouches permit to protect thermosensitives products during grouping transferts. Particularly appropriate to animal health
  • ISOPRO® insulated pouches - Health Application
  • ISOPRO® insulated pouches permit to protect thermosensitives products (medicines and unit bloods between services) for up to 18 hours.
  • Insulated Tub for Pharmaceutical Distribution - Health Application
  • This insulated tub permit to protect in complete safety, thermosensitives products during 24 hours, as well as the summer as the winter with an adequate eutectic load.
  • Insulated Tub for Hospital Distribution - Health Application
  • Ce bac isotherme de distribution hospitalière est parfaitement adaptée au transfert de médicaments de la pharmacie centrale vers les services ou établissements extérieurs.
  • ISOPRO® insulated liner - Health Application
  • The ISOPRO® insulated liner permit to transform a simple carton box to an insulated packaging. Reusable from 5 to 8 times, it is validated ISTA 3A.
  • Single Use Insulated Box - Health Application
  • In the human and animal health logistics, our insulated boxes are used for the protection and the shipping of thermosensitives medicines.
  • Insulated Pallet Box - Health Application
  • The insulated pallet box permits to healthcare professionals to transport important volume of thermosensitives products.

. Our coolers adapted to medical products :

  • Cooling Packs - Health Application
  • Coolers permit to protect health products (restitution plate at +0,3°C). It allows to free itself from the use of the BRT.
  • Cooling Sachet / Cover - Health Application
  • Cooling sachet and covers permits to protect health products (restitution plate at +0,3°C). Resist to perforations and tears.

. Cold Chain control of your products

  • USB VIGIKEY Data-Logger - Health Application
  • Small, simple, powerful, this data-logger allows to make its own auto-validation by controling products temperatures.